Over time businesses adjust and improve their branding. After several years of operation, Carlo from Pink Envy decided to update the original concrete5 website we built for him.

Carlo re-worked the website's design to reflect his current stationary products and work.

As web technologies are always advancing, it was important that we also enhanced the site on a technical level.

To this end we:

  • Made the site and images retina ready
  • Improved the lightbox¬†
  • Put more emphasis on the mobile and tablet displays
  • Added social media share links to the Pink Envy galleries

As this was an upgrade of an existing site, we were able to simply alter the site theme and apply it to the existing content, rather than having to rebuild the pages and populate them with content.

With this site we were fortunate to work with a client who is a talented designer and had the pleasure of building the theme from Carlo's concepts. We took care with Carlo's design, ensuring that we built the site with precision, taking note of the clever spacing and alignments which bring the design together.

Carlo thanked us saying:

After contacting Ryan with my ideas of updating the design of our website, he was very thorough and explained everything in complete detail how my vision could be achieved. Ryan's attention to detail during the design process was second to none and helped with my understanding with our options. Absolutely recommend Ryan to my friends and family.


Pink Envy Design Studio